How awesome can one person be, if everyone is awesome as well?

I've always lived on the edge and loved exploring all the culinary delights within my neighborhood. Born and raised in the "hard streets" of Anaheim, taught me a lesson... Always make friends and keep them close!

My friends and family are everything to me and I want to thank them all for supporting my many years of complaining and bickering. I know I can count on them for anything and soon, I shall return the favor and spoil them all.

Ever since I return from my Costa Rican trip, I discovered myself and have made a strong bond with one of my "besties"! Is it ok to be an adventure junkie? I reconcile, that without a life experiencing change or struggle, you'll be stuck in the darkness and never re-invent yourself.

Consider me a geek, nerd and dork! My video game collection may exceed your 401K, my movie collection will astonish you and my LEGO collection turn adults into squeamish elementary kids!

I bid thee farewell and look forward to your acquaintanceship.

The Unknown...


Software/Web Developer
AGE: ??